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Sometimes life throws an emergency at us.  Whilst we can't always prevent this, as a busy craft seller, we can take some simple steps to try to lessen the effect on our craft business.

In this episode of the podcast I am looking at the various types of emergency that might occur, and ways to lessen their impact on your craft business.

Lots of hints and tips to help smooth out these unfortunate situations.

There is a full transcript, and an Emergency Plan template, on the Tin Teddy Blog - Dealing With Emergencies for Craft Sellers

Our packaging needs to do three things.  It should protect our lovely handmade items, it should present them in an attractive manner and it should help promote our brand.  In this episode of the podcast I look at all three of these requirements.  Plus lots about how to delight your customers with your packaging, whilst saving money and protecting the environment at the same time.  Lots of hints and tips in this one.

Links to products mentioned, and a full transcript are in the show notes on the Tin Teddy Blog - Packaging Your Craft Products.

Lots of hints and tips on preparing for a craft show or event.  What should you take with you, what do you need to know in advance and how much will it cost?  If you are thinking about selling your crafts at an event, this episode of the Craft Seller Success Podcast will help ensure your day goes well. 

Links, show notes and a full transcript on the Tin Teddy Blog. - Preparing for a Craft Stall or Craft Show

Most craft sellers regularly feel that they just don't have enough hours in the day to do all that they would like.  Whilst no one can magic more hours, there are many tried and tested techniques that may help you get more from the hours you have.

In this episode I explore numerous techniques, tips and tools to help the busy craft seller get more done whilst still having time for yourself, family and friends.

Shownotes and a full transcript are on the Tin Teddy Blog - Time Management for Craft Sellers

Setting prices to sell your crafts can be quite a stressful process.  You want to cover your costs, and make a nice profit, but you also need to be competitive... so how do you set the right price for your wares?

Find out in this episode of the Craft Seller Success Podcast!

Listen to the podcast or read the shownotes and full transcript at Tin Teddy Blog - Craft Prices - Setting a Product Price for Craft Sellers

In this episode I look at 9 ways you can add value to your craft products to increase sales, and your profits.

Every year the craft selling niche is getting more crowded.  How do you stand out from the crowd?  How do you get people to buy your products?  

Adding value to your products can give you an edge over the competition, increase the perveived value of your products and really make a difference for your craft business.

Listen to the podcast or read the shownotes and full transcript at Tin Teddy Blog - 9 Ways To Add Value to Your Craft Products

This episode looks at branding.  Why it is useful, how to work out your own branding guidelines and ways to incorporate your branding into your craft business.

Even if your craft business is very small, you can still benefit from thinking a little about your branding.  And it needn't be an expensive or complicated subject to tackle - but it has the potential to really help your sales.

Shownotes and full transcript at Tin Teddy Blog - Branding for Craft Sellers

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